Kota’s Institute Of Excellence (KIE)

Managing Director

Mohammad Ashraf Sir
1.Gold Medalist in Physics
2.M.Sc. from IIT Jodhpur
"Driven by a passion for excellence, Mohammad Ashraf Sir leads with unwavering dedication, shaping futures through education at Kota's Institute Of Excellence."

Additional Information

1.KIE is known for its top-tier faculty in preparing students for JEE (Main+Advanced) and medical entrance examinations.
2.The institute focuses on long-term preparatory courses for various competitive exams.

Courses Offered

“Each meticulously designed course at Kota’s Institute Of Excellence is tailored to empower aspiring students with comprehensive knowledge, strategic learning approaches, and dedicated mentorship, fostering their journey towards success in competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, MH-CET, NDA, and Board examinations.”



  • Comprehensive curriculum covering fundamental concepts.
  • Rigorous practice sessions to build a strong foundation.
  • Regular assessments and progress tracking.


  • Advanced-level coaching for in-depth understanding.
  • Intensive problem-solving sessions and practice tests.
  • Specialized guidance for competitive exam strategies.

Repeater Batch

  • Targeted coaching for students aiming to improve their performance.
  • Focused study material and exam-oriented preparation.
  • Personalized attention and support for specific needs


  • Comprehensive coverage of the MH-CET syllabus.
  • Specialized coaching focusing on the exam pattern and question types.
  • Detailed study materials and resources tailored to MH-CET requirements.
  • Regular practice tests and mock exams simulating the actual MH-CET.
  • Personalized guidance and strategies to excel in the exam.


  • Thorough coverage of the NDA syllabus, comprising Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT).
  • Specialized coaching focusing on the exam’s specific requirements and structure.
  • In-depth study materials aligned with the NDA exam pattern and previous years’ papers.
  • Regular practice sessions, mock tests, and simulated exams to familiarize students with the exam conditions.

Trusted by Thousand of Students

“Kota’s Institute Of Excellence has been instrumental in shaping my success story. The guidance and support from the experienced faculty helped me navigate through the complexities of competitive exams like never before. Their comprehensive approach and personalized attention truly set them apart. I owe my achievements to the unwavering commitment of the institute in nurturing students’ potential.”

Jayesh Singh

“Choosing Kota’s Institute Of Excellence was a game-changer for me. The faculty’s dedication and their unique teaching methods made complex concepts crystal clear. The guidance received here not only prepared me for exams but also equipped me with invaluable problem-solving skills. I’m grateful for their unwavering support that propelled me toward success.”

Ramesh Thakur

“Kota’s Institute Of Excellence isn’t just an institute; it’s a launchpad for success. The guidance and mentorship I received here were unparalleled. The faculty’s dedication to ensuring conceptual clarity and the extensive study materials provided were invaluable. This institute transformed my approach to learning and played a pivotal role in my achievements.”

Vishal Patil

“Kota’s Institute Of Excellence has been a beacon of academic guidance for me. The faculty’s expertise and their unwavering support helped me navigate the complexities of competitive exams effortlessly. Their personalized approach and encouragement fostered an environment where I could thrive. I credit my success to the comprehensive preparation and mentorship provided here.”

Roshan Jagtap
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